A Decentralized Meme Token

HashPanda aims to become the most decentralized meme-token in existence, distributing its token to over 1 million users and surpassing DogeCoin in the number of holders

Over 751,222 token holders on Binance Smart Chain

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#PANDA Features

Auto liquidity locking, yield-farming and dApp utility


Token features that benefit users and token holders.

  • Features a Panda
  • Utility for dApps
  • Auto-yield farming


Decentralized distribution using community mechanisms.

  • Programmatic distribution
  • Community rewards
  • Tipping users/creators


Countless benefits for HashPanda token holders.

  • Fairly distributed
  • Rising price floor
  • Anti-whale safety

The #HashPanda Project

HashPanda’s mission is to become the most decentralized and most fairly distributed meme-token in the world. We’ve pioneered a distribution mechanism that allows us to distribute tokens in a social way, preventing whale-dumps and thus creating a safe-haven asset that can serve as a piggy bank for years to come. Additionally, our token holders receive 3% of all transactions, providing the benefit of automatic yield farming.

The Problem

HashPanda solves the problem of unfair token distribution and frequent whale dumps. Take Dogecoin, for example: the largest holder owns 28% of all tokens. This holder could single-handedly crash the price by an estimated 96%.

Most other tokens have a similarly uneven supply distribution. For these tokens, a handful of individuals own major portions of the supply, resulting in continuous dumps and unsustainable price pressure in the long term.

The Solution

HashPanda solves this problem through an innovative social distribution mechanism. This mechanism is responsible for distributing 80% of all eventually circulating PANDA tokens to a wide range of holders (2 million token holders, to be precise), making HashPanda the most decentralized meme-token in existence.

This is done by programmatically subscribing to all transactions on Binance Smart Chain (which are public by nature) and randomly picking a couple thousand winners each day, who are gifted with a set number of PANDA tokens. The receivers of PANDA tokens usually become long-term holders and loyal project supporters.

Decentralized Distribution

We believe our approach is the fairest and most sustainable way to create a decentralized token. It helps to ensure the stability of the future token value and serves as an effective anti-whale measure. You can track the distribution progress of 400T PANDA tokens below. The progress bar is updated every 48 hours.

HashPanda (PANDA) distribution progress

On October 15th, 2021, HashPanda reached its biggest milestone: its distribution was officially completed, reaching more than 751,222 real holders. A small number of tokens are reserved for a final 1.9% airdrop distribution through a grand-finale campaign. In summary:

  • HashPanda is now risk-free, no more unlocked supply
  • HashPanda is the largest Panda token in the world
  • HashPanda is the most decentralized token on BSC
  • HashPanda is the most fairly distributed digital asset in existence
  • HashPanda has now more than 750k real holders and over 40k community members
  • HashPanda is the largest economic experiment on BSC in its history
  • HashPanda has officially completed its distribution phase and is ready for take-off!
Token Holders


Circulating Supply


Market Cap


Community Size

37,812+ Members

Common Questions

  • Download TrustWallet or MetaMask, register on Binance and purchase BNB. Click the buy button on this page and you will be redirected to PancakeSwapV2. Click "I understand" and purchase the desired amount.

  • HashPanda’s first mission is to become the most decentralized meme-token. We want to surpass Dogecoin in the number of active token holders. Our second mission is to make cryptocurrencies mainstream by providing simple-to-use dApps for “normies”. Currently, we are developing a meme-sharing content platform with creator tipping features. This will give PANDA tokens utility and will ensure the continuous growth of this project, once the first mission has been realized.

  • HashPanda currently has six volunteers working on marketing activities. Specifically, we are working on guerilla marketing campaigns to reach a wide mainstream audience of users.

  • The total supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 of which 50% is burned, 40% distributed via airdrops/community rewards, 5% allocated for growth/development and 5% provided as public liquidity. Of the transaction value, 5% is locked for liquidity and 3% is distributed to token holders.

  • Please refer to the "Decentralized Distribution" section of this page. You've either signed up for an airdrop, added value to the project, transacted on BSC, transacted with PANDA or used one of our dApps.

  • The official BEP-20 (BSC) address is 0x8578Eb576e126f67913a8bC0622e0A22EBa0989A

  • The ticker is PANDA

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