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A widely distributed meme token with virality mechanisms and dApps for non-technical users.



  • Panda Meme on BSC 🐼
  • Over 14900 Community Members 🎋
  • Over 34500 Holders on BSC 🔥
  • Guerilla Marketing 🚀
  • NFT & Meme Dapps in development 💎


  • 🐼 HashPanda | PANDA | Over 34500 Holders | Becoming the Most Decentralized Meme Token


  • HashPanda’s mission is to become the most decentralized and fairly distributed meme-token. We pioneered a distribution mechanism which allows us to distribute tokens in a social way, preventing whale-dumps and thus creating a safe-haven asset that can serve as a piggy bank for years to come. Additionally, token holders receive 3% of all transactions, providing the benefit of automatic yield farming.
  • HashPanda solves the problem of unfair token distributions and frequent whale dumps. Using DogeCoin as an example: the largest holder owns 28% of all tokens. This holder alone could crash the price by an estimated 96%.
  • HashPanda solves this problem by pioneering a social distribution mechanism. This mechanism is responsible for distributing 40% of the allocated PANDA supply to a wide range of token holders (500,000 to 1 million token holders, to be precise), making HashPanda the most decentralized meme-token.

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